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Vito Ricci - Music From Memory (Original)

by Vito Ricci

125.00 / Sold Out

The music of Vito Ricci is a stunning re-discovery. Quickly becoming a Downtown NYC legend, Ricci has worked alongside luminaries such as Peter Zummo, Rashied Ali, Byard Lancaster, 'Blue' Gene Tyranny and Yousef Yancey. His work seems to have been a quiet parallel to Arthur Russell's, operating in many similar worlds such as CBGBs punk, avant-composition, jazz improvisation and new age. Music From Memory, the soundtrack to a radical theatre piece by Matthew Maguire's Creation Company, is a transcendent work for early drum computer and MIDI sequencing. At times elevated and elated, at others ambient and elegiac, sometimes even sounding like dot-matrix no-wave. Truly a masterpiece from start to finish. Soon Redlight Record's sister label named after this very LP will be compiling unreleased works by this unheralded master which will confirm his well deserved throne in the Downtown musical canon.


SEALED DEADSTOCK COPIES (from Vito himself, may be very slightly warped, but play perfectly)